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My Adventure with “The Baltic Gold” TV Series. Amberwood Marta Włodarska on History Channel.

A five-episode-long series “The Baltic Gold” was first shown in spring 2019. It proved so popular with the viewers that a decision’s been made to continue the story, of a few people fixated on amber, into a second season. I feel terribly lucky to have been invited to be part of the film – isn’t it a beautiful present for the 10th anniversary of the Amberwood Marta Włodarska company, celebrated this year?

Amberoscope - kaleidoscope with amber

Do you remember kaleidoscopes? Of course, you do! These inconspicuous tubes hiding fascinating worlds inside them which change with each move were invented by a Scottish physicist David Brewster, who conducted studies into light polarization.

New Website and Amberwood Shop by Marta Włodarska

I have the pleasure to present my new website – – modern, clear, user-friendly and responsive. Here you can directly buy unique jewellery made of amber and wood, find a lot of interesting information about the cultural treasure that is Baltic amber, and learn about my original ideas for promoting it.

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