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New Website and Amberwood Shop by Marta Włodarska

hinzugefügt 26.03.2020

I have the pleasure to present my new website – Amberwoodshop.de – modern, clear, user-friendly and responsive. Here you can directly buy unique jewellery made of amber and wood, find a lot of interesting information about the cultural treasure that is Baltic amber, and learn about my original ideas for promoting it.


The new formula of the website will make it easier for me to keep you up to date with the information about what I’ve been doing – and I’ve got lots of new ideas. The blog’s already working, and there are new, interesting articles about amber, myself and my jewellery.

There is also space for films, various travel stories, interesting workshops and many other events that I regularly take part in. If you want to follow what is going on in my amber world, subscribe to my newsletter, which is just about to be launched. I have prepared discount vouchers and purchase gifts for my subscribers, on top of which, I offer free delivery both in Poland and Germany.



I am going to regularly publish photographs of the new designs in my jewellery, so as everybody can find something for themselves. I would like to encourage everyone who has a clear idea about the jewellery perfect for them or their nearest and dearest to take a chance to design jewellery together with me – you will find information about it in the special tab called –  UNIQUE PIECES ( coming soon)


I hope that you share my enthusiasm and I believe that the modern website, Amberwoodshop.de, together with professional internet shop will start a new and important stage in the development of my brand. Visit my amber world. :)

Marta Włodarska





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